The Conservative 2010 Woman of the Year is Michele Bachmann

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota is the most inspirational woman in politics today. I chose her over Sarah Palin, because I feel that she has more experience and depth. Both women are seen as a major threat to the left and the brutal attacks have been non-stop against both of them. Even more so with Palin due to her VP campaign in 2008.

Michele Bachmann is the mother of 5 children and 23 foster children. The LEFT love to talk about compassion, but Michele Bachmann takes action by opening her home to 23 foster children. That is simply amazing.

Here is more:

Elected in 2006, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is the first
Republican woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from
Minnesota. In only her first term, Congresswoman Bachmann developed a
reputation as a “principled reformer” who stays true to her
conservative beliefs while pushing for real reform of the broken ways of
Washington. And, her strong advocacy for her constituents earned her a
second term in Congress in November 2008. (3rd term in 2010)

She is a leading advocate for bipartisan earmark reform and tax relief
and is a staunch opponent of wasteful government spending. She is among
the leaders in the U.S. House pushing for increased energy exploration
in the U.S. to provide much needed relief at the pump for hard-working
Americans and put our nation on the path to energy independence.

Prior to serving in the U.S. Congress, Bachmann served in the Minnesota
State Senate. She was elected to the Minnesota State Senate in 2000
where she championed the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. And, prior to that,
Bachmann spent five years as a federal tax litigation attorney,
working on hundreds of civil and criminal cases. That experience
solidified Bachmann’s strong support for efforts to simplify the Tax
Code and reduce tax burdens on family and small business budgets.

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