The Conservative Contract Renewed for One More Year

The Conservative Contract Renewed for One More Year

I am only one man and I don’t have a huge operation like Breitbart had.

My site is not mainstream, because I tackle topics like the Obama Eligibility issue, Communism and the Russian threat. Many people are too brainwashed to grasp my message. The hard core Monster fans are tend to be very anti-Communist and they are around the globe. More people read this website in India than in the USA. Why? Radical Marxism and Islam are united and it is a GLOBAL THREAT. 

VERY FEW MODERATE RINO’S read this page, because they have been brainwashed to only follow a certain script.

The Conservative has been blowing up the past 6 weeks. I have been working non-stop, but at least I don’t have to sit in traffic when I go to work. Donations are way down, because people are scared. The super wealthy support the left wing sites. I could make a fortune if I changed my site to a left wing site, but of course we know that is never going to happen.

So, please try to donate if you can. I NEVER ASK, but it would be helpful since all costs come out of my own pocket to fund this site. The amount of time that I put into this website is STAGGERING and this prevents me from earning money elsewhere.

I was getting nose bleeds back in May 2009, because I was working about 16-18 hours per day on The Monster. I can’t do that anymore for health reasons. I am a RETIRED DISABLED Police Officer and the only reason that I keep this site going is for THE MONSTER FANS. I was going to shut it down, because I didn’t want to work these long hours any longer, but the fans want it…so I am still here.    

I have not advertised for this page in over 18 months, because I don’t have the budget any longer. The latest Alexa ratings for The Conservative were excellent, but we can do much better. The Conservative is the main page now, BUT it is better to use The Conservative I have the .com page set up as a link page and it is much easier to review the posts.

You can also contribute to the site by using the Amazon search box on the sidebar. A small percentage goes to the site for each sale.  

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