The Conservative Declared Offensive by Cell Phone App Company Linked to Nokia

By Steve Cooper

The Conservative

Last month, I filled out an application for an mobile phone app to be made of The Conservative Monster and the site was turned down due to OFFENSIVE CONTENT. How is the news or commentary on the offensive? A phone app is software that converts your website into a cell phone friendly site.

I am posting this, just so you all know the discrimination that I deal with by running this website. It is hard to generate revenue this way and that is how they want to defeat us. Squeezing us to death financially, by declaring us extreme or OFFENSIVE.

I created to create a more cell phone friendly site until I can find someone that will approve of my offensive content.

I think it is more offensive to be declared offensive by a bunch of coward left wingers.  

SHOVE IT….I do not need you cowards. It is time for a boycott of NOKIA. 

Failed app notification

Dear Publisher,
Thank you for submitting The Conservative Unfortunately your
submission did not pass the Ovi Store quality assurance (QA) review process.

– Offensive content

Please review the issues found with your submission by visiting Ovi app wizard and resubmit your revised application or media for

If you have any questions, please contact Ovi Publisher Support at .

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