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Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I have not seen this much energy in our movement in a long time. I am not just talking about the Obama eligibility movement either. Rarely is there a candidate as well rounded as Donald Trump is. At first I was unsure about his ability to be a war time president, but that has changed drastically. Trump is very well rounded and he has the guts to speak the truth.

Trump sees the threat that we are facing from China and Iran. So, he is not just about the economy and the Obama eligibility issue like the media is trying to pain him as. Trump is more qualified NOW than Obama is today even after 2 1/2 years in office (illegally I may add).

I suspect that the left wing plants and infiltrators within the Tea Party will try to smear Trump soon. I am also very concerned for Mr. Trumps safety, because he is daring to take
on an issue that BOTH parties are afraid to touch…Obama’s
Ineligibility to be President. They will not touch it, because BOTH of
their hands are dirty in this cover up that was aided by the media. This
is my opinion after researching this issue since Aug. 2008.

The media will still try to push Fox News stiffs like Romney, Huckabee and Palin, because they have no chance of winning. Just imagine Donald Trump and Gov. Christie on the ballot together. I think they would be unbeatable. 

Here is a copy of a letter that a Monster fan sent to Mr. Trump that reminds him to talk about the “Natural Born Citizen” issue as well in regards to Obama. The President must be a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ to be eligible for the office and that means BOTH PARENTS must be U.S. Citizens. The media shills love to throw around that Obama is a U.S. Citizen, but they never mention the words ‘Natural Born Citizen’. Beck pulled that crap one day and I blew a fuse….


Mr. Trump,

My name is Mike and I reside in Michigan. I wanted to give
you some kudo’s regarding your stand on the state of our great country. I think
you should give it a shot at the presidency. I agree with everything that you
stand for and you’ll get my vote for sure. Your the only potential candidate
that has stood up to the establishment. Also when you investigate Obama’s
“natural born citizen status” you’ll have to go to Kenya not Hawaii. Obama’s mother went to Kenya
for a muslim conference when she was nine months pregnant and went into labor
and out popped Barrack. When
she got back to Hawaii she tried to make it right by filling out the record of
live birth certificate. Which isn’t a
real birth certificate. This is a total
disregard for the Constitution
and there are a lot of high end officials in on this charade. Thanks for having
the guts to stand up for America and our Constitution.


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