The cost of Obama’s Iraq surrender: 7,818 civilians killed in 2013

Conservative News Update:

The United Nations said 7,818 civilians were killed in 2013, a return to 2008 levels. The startling figure follows warnings from lawmakers and analysts that the violence threatens to undo hard-fought gains by the United States.


5 thoughts on “The cost of Obama’s Iraq surrender: 7,818 civilians killed in 2013”

  1. The big question is why is it taking so long for Iraq to fall under control of Iran and Al Qaeda? Anyone who understood the history, both religious and secular, knew in 2003 that it would happen once the US left the country. The current fighting is totally expected by those with an ounce of understanding of the nations history. Unfortunately in 2003 a bit over half of the US population could not find Iraq on a map. As to the history of Iraq, the number of Americans who had any knowledge was probably in the low single digits.

    All the US investment in both blood and money was a waste due to a lack of understanding of Iraq.

    1. Same for Afghanistan. The future history of Afghanistan is simple: US out then Taliban back in. The folks in the US do not understand that the Tajik, Pashtun, Hazara, Uzbek, Turkmen, Baluchi, Aimak and Kyrgyz all hate each other. In the US they think of Afghanistan as one united country, WRONG!

      The longest war in US history will end with lots of US blood spilt and lots of US dollars spend and war between the Afgans back on. Its another total waste for the US as no one knows anything about history.

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