The Covert Court Martial of Lt Col Lakin: A National Disgrace

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative


“Today, you are witnessing the silent persecution of Lt Col Lakin, a National Hero amid the darkness of a shameful media blackout as a Marxist Usurper flies around in Air Force One. It is a NATIONAL DISGRACE” – Steve Cooper

Where are all of the frauds that love to repeat the word Constitution over and over again? The Ron Paul’s, the Glenn Beck’s, YOUR Tea Party Leaders and speakers? The morons over at the Free Republic website that supposedly stand for liberty, freedom and the Constitution, but they attacked my post to spread the word to support a man of honor, Lt Col Lakin.

One man stood up and took a stand above all of the other officers in the U.S. Military to say enough is enough. This is a constitutional crisis and I want some answers now. Yes, other officers filed lawsuits like Capt Pamela Barnett and Major Cooke, but Lt Col Lakin took it to a level that could throw him into jail for 5 years HARD LABOR. Of course I also have to mention Commander Kerchner and his relentless pursuit of the truth with the eligibility issue. Commander Kerchner and Capt. Barnett will be at the Court Martial for Lt Col Lakin in Md today and tomorrow.

The media silence reeks of desperation to keep the Tea Party Americans from finding out about this issue. That is why Fox must suppress this story more so than the other networks, because only left wingers watch MSNBC and CNN, so they could smear Lakin all they want. Nobody watches them.

If Lt Col Lakin is so crazy, then why not let the rest of the country in on the joke? What is so TOP SECRET about this court martial that the media has suppressed a word of this trial being mentioned on the air. they do not want people to catch wind that a man is about to get railroaded with an unfair trial. Lt Col Lakin is being DENIED the evidence that would prove his innocence. This is NOT about an officer disobeying an order. This is about a constitutional crisis and ONE man is standing up and asking “Mr President, prove to this country once and for all that your are constitutionally eligible to hold office or RESIGN”. 

Fox News reported that Julian Assange was having a trial today, but NOT ONE mention about the Lt Col Lakin Court Martial?

Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano are BIG supporters of Julian Assange, but never once have they supported or defended Lt Col Lakin. I also find it interesting that Russian PM Putin is a big supporter of Julian Assange as are many of the other closet Soviets in the Libertarian Party USA. Yet, you will never hear any of these so called Constitutionalists speak out about Lt Col Lakin. Why is this? Because they are frauds, that is why.


FLOOD IT – E-mail Fox and Friends 5 TIMES EACH and ask them why they
reported about Julian Assanges court date, but not Lt Col Lakin’s. What
are they hiding? What are they an accomplice to?

It is a sad day in America when a man of honor like Lt Col Lakin can be silently persecuted during the darkness of a media blackout as a Marxist Usurper flies on Air Force One. Shame on Glenn Beck and all of these other so called patriots that are silent about this Court Martial.

I guess the $32 million that Beck made last year was enough to keep him silent? I hear ya Glenn, you do not want to stop that GRAVY TRAIN. Do not e-mail me defending this clown either, because Beck chose to be the leader of the Anti-Birther movement. That was HIS choice…

Message to Tea Party Leaders: Defend Lt Col Lakin or Prepare for Operation Tea Party Hijack

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