The Democrats Unite with Russia

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The Democrats Unite with Russia? Gee, I wonder who has been saying this day and night?

Joe Biden stated that “The Cold war ended” and he ridiculed Romney’s criticism of  Russia as the USA’s top Geopolitical foe. Biden also said that Russia is siding with the USA on Iran and that is false. It is the other way around. Obama is siding with Russia on Iran. Biden has stated that the Taliban is our friend in the past as well.

Now you know why the International Communists and Muslim Terrorists overwhelmingly ENDORSE OBAMA.

Iran has been linked numerous times to Al Qaeda and Russia is Iran’s strongest ally. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that Al Qaeda is just a proxy of Moscow that is being used to destroy the USA and Capitalism. If the Democrats see Russia as an “ally”, then the Democrats are also allies with Iran and Al Qaeda as well.

That mission to ‘whack’ Bin Laden was a gift from Moscow, because Obama is obeying the “Russian Program”. Notice there is no talk to ‘whack’ the #1 man in Al Qaeda, Ayman Zawahiri? Why are we just stopping at Bin Laden? Because that is all Moscow is allowing at this time. 

You have watched Rambo too many times if you believe that those Navy Seals really flew into a heavily armed military compound and got out alive. Pakistan let them in and let them leave to allow Obama to have this little victory. Pakistan then voiced their outrage and then it was all forgotten a few weeks later? Okay…SURE.

Russia, China, Iran
and Al Qaeda back the Democrat Party; The Republicans only have Rush
Limbaugh. That is a bit of a mismatch. Russia increased espionage after the Cold War. We didn’t win anything…

Romney Labels Russia as the USA’s Top Geopolitical Foe

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