The Economy: Is it Obama’s Mission Accomplished?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I love how the left wing-tards in the media keep repeating the word “recovery” over and over, but when Bush was in office they repeated “recession” over and over. What recovery? This is another lie.

Tell the people that have given up looking for jobs there is a recovery. Tell the brainwashed college dupes that can not find jobs after their graduation that there is a recovery. We are living in an age of Communist deception via media manipulation of the masses. It is being used to confuse people so they can not distinguish the truth from lies. It is working like a charm. This is why Murdoch and Fox News must be destroyed and “the left” will not stop until they succeed with that goal.

Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.

Many of the late bloomers that are in the Tea Party still do not realize this. You will very soon…

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