The ‘Far Left’ and Rand Paul agree on the NSA

Conservative News Update:

The media hides the fact that Rand Paul is a fraud (just like his father was), because Libertarian infiltration within the GOP is the perfect way to shatter real Conservatism for good.

Libertarians blame the US & Israel for terrorism, just like Leftists do. You have to be blind at this point to not know what hey are really up to, but still many people are.

Notice that Libertarians always add the term ‘a REAL Conservative’ after they mention Rand Paul or Ron Paul? They do this as deception to make people believe siding with Iran is a Conservative point of view, but it isn’t. Neither is trying to undermine Foreign Surveillance and Intelligence against terrorism.

Why doesn’t Rand Paul speak out about the dangers of Russian or Chinese spying? No, he is only concerned about the NSA. Someone tried top hack my computer after I made this comment on Twitter.

Rand Paul is very aware of the dangers that Iran and Russia pose to the US, but he is more concerned about ‘drones and the NSA’. Is Rand Paul really trying to protect Muslim terrorists from these drones?  I think so, since Leftists and Muslims were protesting about drones for the past few years. Rand Paul is united with THEM; not you.


5 thoughts on “The ‘Far Left’ and Rand Paul agree on the NSA”

  1. I find it hard to believe someone who is an anti-Communist would support a government/administration run by a Socialist (Obama aka Soetoro) spying on their citizens the same way the USSR spied on theirs. To support this data collection one must trust the Socialists that are running the country. I for one do not trust this government, and I believe they have proven that they are not trustworthy.

    While I do not like the idea that Edward Snowden went to Russia, I look at others who have uncovered information about the dictator in our WH and say maybe he didn’t want to end up dead like them. Think Breitbart, Michael Hastings, person that looked at Barry’s Passport, Donald Young, etc.

    1. 1. You know ZERO about the law and neither does Rand Paul. The guy is a doctor. I was a Police Officer, I know more about law and terrorism than Rand Paul and his fraud father combined.
      2. Snowden was clearly a Russian spy and this is all a distraction to cover the destruction of US Foreign Intelligence
      3. Rand Paul never mentions the communist threat, because he is full of shit
      4. Ron Paul never helped the Birthers, because he was full of shit too
      5. I trust Gen. Alexander more than Rand Paul any day of the week.

      1. I know you were a Police Officer, and I agree with your concern for the spread of Communism in our government. I was going to JBS meetings back in the 60’s when I was very young. I even wrote a thesis for my History project in college, titled “Communists in the U.S.A.”. I got a failing grade from the Communist that taught the subject.

        My concern is that sometimes your loyalty to the police makes you believe we can trust them. If that were true then I would be okay with making sure they have the intelligence they need. In fact I was in favor of the Patriot Act, but now see that my support may have been misguided as it can be misused by the government, as proven by the Communist we now have in the WH.

        As for Rand Paul, and every other Republican, they have done NOTHING to expose the fraud in the WH. This also goes for everyone in the FBI, CIA and local police, with the exception of Arpiao and the CCP.

        I still say, to give the government the same powers that the Communists had in the USSR (and now in Russia) is dangerous when we have a Communist in the WH and a full-blown Communist Party (going by the name: Democrats) in power.

        1. The NSA has patriots working in it now that abide by the law and there is oversight by Congress. It will be more of a problem if an Obama dictatorship rolls in. Nothing can stop this new technology. Orwell predicted all of this. Most of the Libertarians spewing BS about the NSA are really leftists trying to undermine US Foreign Intelligence to aid America’s enemies. Many former Military analysts know this, but they are afraid to say it on Fox News. I am not afraid to say it on the Conservative Monster.

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