The Future of The Conservative Monster

Steve Cooper

I will take a few weeks to decide the future of this website after Obama’s victory last night. To be honest it is not worth the effort ‘time wise’ and financially. Most of what I write about terrorism, Russia and voter fraud goes over the heads of many puppets that sit there and repeat what Fox News talking heads tell them.

The hardcore Conservative Monster fans get it and you all know who you are.

  • BEFORE & after Obamacare passed, I warned you all that “the people have no voice or vote anymore”, but many of you attacked me.
  • I led the charge when that traitor Glenn Beck attacked the Birthers and many of you attacked me.
  • I tried to warn about the link between Russia and Muslim terrorists and many of you attacked me.
  • I am way ahead of the curve and you all will see that very soon.


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25 thoughts on “The Future of The Conservative Monster”

  1. Steve I hope that you will have some sort of communication with your loyal monster fans. You are our family now. Evil will now be ushered in large fashion, fast and furious. I have said time and time again that the people did not chose Romney for their candidate the establishment did. He was weak, just like McCain. He never touched the issues that would have brought Obama to his knees, none of them. Obama won in 2008 largely because of his drum beat mantra against the war in Iraq. Romney could have turned the tables on Obama by using the tragic statistics of casulaties in Afghanistan under Obama, three times as many casulaties in 3 1/2 years than 6 under Bush. Never a mention about Afghanistan. Those men and women fighting and dying over there deserved more!!!! I also said on here many times if Romney thinks he wins this solely on the economy he was fooling himself. Now for you Steve, your record of accuracy is impeccable, you said this is much bigger than Romney, the republican party, you have been exactly right. This dictator obama was placed in 2008, he was placed that by powers in very high places, global places. An election was not going to remove him. This is what happens when we put our hope and trust in mortal men and not God himself. America has clearly lost God’s blessings prepare for judgement and better yet prepare your souls for where you will reside eternally, the time is near. Many useful idiots will soon discover what they just voted for themselves and they will be weeping.

    1. God Bless you and thanks for the support Cynthia. I will take a few weeks to decide what to do, but I am tired of working 12014 hours per day and then people talk about Dick Morris and an Obama landslide. People are out of touch with the reality of communism and how corrupt it is. This assault is overt and covert…dangerous. I will still post my analysis during a crisis, but I will leave the everyday news up to Drudge & Fox.

      1. I totally understand Steve and don’t blame you a bit. This country is lost and I don’t see it finding it’s way back, that was proven yesterday. It would be nice to have email communication from time to time, you have become a part of my day. This was the only place I could find the no holds barred truth. My husband will soon be losing his job due to sequestration, we will all be like Sandy victims soon, including those who voted obama.

  2. “After Obamacare passed, I warned you all that “the people have no voice or vote anymore”, but many of you attacked me.”

    Steve Cooper, I hope you didn’t feel attacked by me because I wasn’t ready just yet to give up my vote and shut up my voice. It’s not that I didn’t believe you; I just didn’t want to believe that the future America you saw/see was inevitable, no turning her around or changing her course. I wanted to believe the America I came of age in – Reagan’s America – was still around, struggling to survive and wanting to be brought back to health and flourishing again. I wanted to try one more time. And I did.

    I’m ready now. I give up and I give in to the inevitable. It’s time for me to teach myself to stop paying attention and to try not to give a damn. I don’t need to keep up with current events or to learn anything more about US national and world govt and politics and all of this and that. I know enough, am better educated and informed of those things than most everyone here and around the world, too, even those whose formal educations make mine look like a joke. You are tops on my list of real-world teachers. And I thank you for that, Steve Cooper.

    If I “got it” quickly enough, or just not too damned slowly, and you found that what you have to teach didn’t seem too much for me to learn, then we can thank my recently departed grandmother for that. And, in a roundabout way the one she learned this from, Joe McCarthy.

    If I wasn’t a broke-ass bitch, I would pay you or pay tuition to the College of the Conservative Monster because you’ve certainly earned it and I definitely owe it. No one really knows it because I don’t talk about it, but my situation is dire and has been increasingly so for several years. I’m more poor than I’ve ever been before in my 48 years and I’ve never done without so much. The only thing between me and destitution is an asshole “boyfriend” who’s so uncaring that I recently starting calling him Honey Badger Mentally and emotionally abusive, I’d actually be better of if he’d hit me just once because then I could to stay at the women’s shelter. But the passive aggressive little bitch and master obstructionist only beats me up on the inside. Now you know. (Don’t feel sorry for me. Remember, just as I often remind myself and him that every dog has her day. He’d just better hope that this dog’s day doesn’t include punching him in the balls or slitting his throat from ear to ear as he sleeps. I am at least a quarter Sicilian, so it’s not as if I couldn’t do either or both, ya know.)

    I won’t blame you one bit if you never return from your break, if you simply walk away from the Conservative Monster and keep on going. I can’t tell you that I’ll be around, either, to know which way you decide to go. If either or both of us don’t come here again, I won’t forget you or the lessons you taught me. As I watch (with detachment, I hope) your predictions play out, I’ll remember that it’s because of Steve Cooper that I find none of it surprising at all.

    Be well, Steve Cooper. Live free or die trying, taking some Commies with you when you go.

    PS: I was and remain totally with you about Soros’ Puppet Beck and also the connections/alliances between Russia, Muslim terrorists, and the west’s Islamo-Marxists, and, therefore, have no concerns of having been perceived as one who attacked on those topics. I even agree/agreed that Kenya Boy is Putin’s bitch; I only disagree that he knows he’s Putin’s bitch and doesn’t perceive himself to be an equal partner in their crimes. A minor difference between our observations and perceptions of that relationship, if you ask me.

    1. I never said to give up fighting against Obamacare. The problem I had is that Glenn Beck and his followers used it a reason to divide the Birther movement. Thanks for the support…..

      1. “I am just feeling very drained the past few days …”

        I hear ya, Steve. It’s been a long, hard fought battle, huh. I haven’t cried yet for this, the demise of our once great nation. I’ve been holding back, hoping for some great miracle of God, or something.

        The voice of the people means next to nothing. I, too, have given thought to organizing a petition drive and protest, complete with a march on Washington, but then I remember Iran, and how it was that in spite of their courage, in spite of their numbers, in spite of their dead, it changed nothing. It’s much too late for that.

        Romney lost. That was it. (Quite possibly the very last time we’ll be able to vote). Obama and his puppet DOJ made it impossible for him not to, and the International community cheers the win that just had to be, didn’t it. One more piece of the puzzle set into place.

        Correction: All but Israel cheer.

        You saw that the Russians were in our waters, the other day, right? By invitation, no doubt. Previews of coming attractions, I suppose. It may be time to move away from the coast.

        1. I had to get the phone, but it was no one of any importance, so let me end this by saying – if it’s at all possible could you not, please, throw in the towel? WE need you here, you know? You instruct and inform us; you encourage us to know more, to do more, and so inspire us to keep fighting the good fight.

          But of course, you need to do what’s best for you, and all of us want that for you.

          Hugs, dear Steve.

    2. auntiemadder – again, girls rule, boys drool.

      Aside from that, if I might share a few things with you… The years it’s been since I left my abusive ex husband haven’t made the scars go away. I just don’t look to notice them anymore. The deep gash that remains beneath my left brow. Many scars born of trying to defend myself, on my arms. The hairline half inch split that interferes with lipstick. and worse. Four days after having given birth he ruptured my perineum by kicking me with a steel toed boot. I’d awakened to feed the baby and found he wasn’t in the room and went looking for him, only to find him in bed with a young woman who was staying with us at the time. My attempt to throw her out put me in the hospital, again. Too many are the scars to mention.

      I know Obama so well, the narcissism, because I was married to it for twelve long, hellish years. The narcissistic side of him never hit me. It was the sociopathy that broke my bones and split my flesh and left me stranded, a couple of times when he’d prove his superiority by conquering my very few friends. Then too, when he’d come home from his bars he’d beat the tar out of me for not falling all over him like some broad he’d picked up, did; and too, if I waited up for him to come home, he’d accuse me of waiting to see if he was drunk or high on something, and if I went to bed and merely pretended to be sleeping he’d accuse me of not caring enough to have stayed up.

      Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, right?

      Penniless, carless, jobless, with a couple of kids who looked to me to take care of them drove me, eventually, to Women In Distress, all battered and bruised and scared half to death.

      One of the first things they asked me was, “What took you so long?” My answer will interest you. “I had to wait until he’d beaten me badly enough.” I said, and I was wrong. Abuse comes in all sorts of forms, not merely a physical beating. I had to learn that. I didn’t know. Take it from me, then, you don’t have to wait for him to hit you. If he deprives you of those things you need; if he verbally badgers, slanders, humiliates, demeans you so that you feel like you’re nothing – that’s abuse too, and you don’t have to stay and take it, so please don’t,.

      Walking away from what had become all that I knew, (high school sweet hearts) was the hardest of all things I have ever done, but if I hadn’t? A very rare lifelong restraining order states that I would have been dead. To this day I can’t watch the movie The Burning Bed, which was shown to a group of us during therapy. “That’s me!” I said.

      Remember it doesn’t always take but one blow to end your life or cripple you for life. I’ve seen that happen, and assure you, though he’s never hit you before you really don’t want to wait until he does. Learn to value yourself well enough not to wait that long. Don’t be like the young woman we picked up a few years back who had the claw of a hammer embedded in her head, the result of the first time he hit her. She’s still undergoing therapy and is speaking fairly well but she will never be all that she was.

      Get out. Stay out. Get the support you need to start your life all over again; because surely you deserve to be safe, treasured and happy,. God knows, if I could do it, you can too.

      I will be thinking of you.

  3. What I would like to ask Beck is this, what did all of “work” and “educating” get all of us? All of the money spent by him and his supporters, what end result? The issues that would have ended this sham presidency were never allowed to be spoken and as a result we got what happened last night. Beck is now asking to double his membership this morning so he can keep the truth out there. How did that work for all of us yesterday? What truth Beck? What did the people get for their money?

  4. i understand your reasons and i will always think of how you handled things as stellar.. but the piper must get paid to work.. these are really bad times for almost all nations we appreciate all you have done. many of my friends have signed up.. maybe you take a vacation and go where you can think about it… rog williams

      1. I said the very same thing on another board today, Steve; but you know Liberals … they have to learn the hard way.


  6. of course they will regret are the best..coming from new york i never thought i would respect a nypd vet but you are one of a kind.

  7. My husband and I have two more years before we retire. We may keep traveling around the world, maybe not come back to the United States until after 2016. I wish you nothing but happiness Steve, your an absolute Gem. Like I said before, God broke the mold after he made you. God bless you and take care.

      1. We all feel helpless. But the way I see it, we need to be like captains of a once great and mighty ship we won’t give up on until she’s completely sunk to the bottom of the briny sea.

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