The FYI on Libertarians that the Media won’t report

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I need to explain something:

Many Libertarians rant about Obama, but they really voted for him. They want to rile up Conservatives so martial law is declared, the banking system is dissolved and that will be the end of Capitalism. The goal is to sabotage any resistance to Socialism or Radical Islam from within by being anti-war.

The War against Capitalism switched gears when the Soviet Union staged their collapse in the early 90’s, BUT suddenly a new enemy emerges called Al Qaeda? I have a bridge to sell you.

Al Qaeda is an Iranian terror proxy that attacked the US financial center on Sept 11th, 2001. Again, this still is a war against Capitalism that never ended and neither did the ‘Cold War’. This is why the World Trade Center was chosen, because it is the heart of Capitalism.

Sure, Iran used Saudi hijackers to execute 9/11. Would you expect them to use Iranians to point them blame towards themselves? Iran is bold enough to openly be involved with Al Qaeda since Russia and China defends them.

Libertarians also love the Russian and Iranian news media. Plus, they scream about banks, Wall Street and the Jews all day long. The 9/11 Truther movement was loaded with Libertarians that were really Leftists deflecting blame away from Iran and towards Israel for the 9/11 attacks.

Conservatives on the other hand love Israel, BUT Libertarians want to abandon them to be slaughtered by Muslim terrorist Nations. Libertarians shout that they are for the US Constitution and Liberty, but they defend tyrants that slaughter tens of thousands of civilians.

Libertarian propaganda is identical to the crap that Jane Fonda spewed during the Vietnam war. Last week, I was called a terrorist TWICE. First was by an Iranian and then by a Libertarian.

That sounds like a Communist to me…


American Libertarianism: Children and Grand Children of the 60′s Communists

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