The Last Time That I Saw The World Trade Center

Steve Cooper

One sunset, when I was a NYPD Police Officer back in August 2001. I was returning home with a van full of my fellow officers after doing security for a NYC summer event and I quietly looked up at the World Trade Center. I kept saying to myself “wow, that is an awesome site to see. What a great city and country”.

I remember turning my head as far as I could, because I wanted to continue staring at those gorgeous buildings. I couldn’t understand why I was so fixated on staring at those buildings so intensely.

I am so glad that I had that moment, because it was the last time that I saw those buildings in one piece.


4 thoughts on “The Last Time That I Saw The World Trade Center”

  1. funny june 2001 was the last time i saw them also.. but, ironically, in the 80’s i worked in 1wtc for 6 years straight on the 101st 1999 when hillary decided to run for the senate, i went to the store and bought 2 for sale signs and some duck tape and put one sign on each side of my mailbox. 2 months later i was back in florida… 12 years now… i don’t miss the northeast as it has changed drastically..a guy i knew in the 60’s was a plumber and worked both buildings for a long time. it was a great place to be..

  2. Yeah, they were awesome. The sad irony is that they were chosen targets because of their awesomeness. 🙁

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