The Left Wing Media is Beating the Syria War Drums

The Left Wing Media is Beating the Syria War Drums

Steve Cooper

Above, I posted a screen shot of Christian Amanpour’s Twitter page. Yesterday, she was hysterical about Syrian civilian deaths, but notice that nobody in the media has the guts to actually label Syria as a Russian terror proxy? Why is the media hiding this fact? Why does the media not play up that Russian weapons are killing those Syrian children? useful Idiots like Amanpour know damn well that Russia is trying to drag the USA into another war and the leftist media is assisting them.  

This was my reply to Amanpour’s hysteria from my Twitter page – CNIN

Why should the US help Syria? So, you and your left wing conspirators in the media could undermine the U.S. Military again?

Assad is a Russian proxy to drag the USA into another war.

Why is a war with Syria a good war, but Iraq wasn’t?

There was plenty of evidence that Saddam was slaughtering his own people. There was plenty of evidence that Saddam was acquiring and developing WMD’s. There was plenty of evidence that Saddam had bio and chemical weapons. Of course he had them, because he used them against the Kurds.

Bush lied about the WMD’s? That is interesting, because Al Gore, Bill Clinton and many other Soviet loving Democrats stated that Saddam had WMD’s, but they are not being called liars.

Sure, Saddam didn’t want Al Qaeda on Iraqi soil, because he didn’t want the USA to come down on his head, but there were ties between Iraqi Intelligence and Al Qaeda. This has been reported, but cleansed by the media to discredit George Bush and the Republicans. Bush lacked the guts to blame Russia for moving the WMD’s to Syria before the Iraq invasion and that was a major mistake.

My theory is that Bush made a deal with Vladimir Putin and that was Putin’s endorsement in exchange for silence about Russian Special Forces moving the WMD’s to Syria and dumping the rest into the Indian Ocean. This was even admitted by one of Saddam’s Generals, but he later too back the story and said “he was lying”, but that is a lie. That General is just trying to protect the anti-Bush conspiracy and safe his own life from a Russian hit.

So, back to the question. Why do the leftists see intervention into Syria as a good war? There are many reasons and they are all anti-American and pro-Putin.

1. Russia is making money off of this war, because they are selling weapons to Syria via Iran.

2. This will boost the price of oil. High oil prices help the Russian economy and hurts the American economy at the same time.

3. It makes the USA and NATO look like warmongers and imperialists wanting more war. Another war spreads out the US Military even further and makes them even more tired after almost 11 years of continuous wars.

4. The media will play up Syrian civilian casualties that are caused by U.S. Troops to undermine the effectiveness of the US Military.

5. War with Syria is a good distraction for the bad American economy that Obama is purposely sabotaging. The goal is to drive up the debt even more and that is what war with Syria will accomplish.

6. More wars will make the American people more anti-war, because the media will continue to show the blood and guts of American boys and girls on TV. The media loves to portray the soldiers as victims of a Capitalist war machine.

The media loves to play up the fact that soldiers are away from their families for the holiday’s. Soldiers losing limbs is something that the media loves to show over and over, because they want to brainwash the people to be anti-war. They want the American people to beg to stop all of the wars.

7. Back to the debt. Ron Paul and his merry band of Soviet followers that infiltrated the Tea Party will then shout that these wars are bankrupting us. It is their goal to brainwash the people into shouting along with them. Yes, the wars are bankrupting the USA, but that is because the US Military is being restrained from winning wars fast. The enemy uses civilians and children as human shields and the media plays up their deaths when a US bomb kills them. Well, the way around that is call it collateral damage like the good old days.  

8. What will happen after Assad is removed? Installation of an Islamic Sharia Government? This is the fate that Egypt is heading towards. Libya is very quiet these days, but I would love to know what is really happening on the ground there. Al Qaeda training camps maybe? 

Egypt, Libya and now Syria? They are surrounding Israel with instability and chaos on purpose. The goal is to whip up the Muslims into an anti-Israel frenzy next. I also find it very interesting that there was NO INSURGENCY in Libya or Egypt like was seen in Iraq and Afghanistan against the Bush war machine.

The Obama war machine has it much easier, because Obama is seen as an ally to the Marxists and Muslims behind the Global Terrorist Movement. I promise you that it would be way different if John McCain was the President right now. The media would be in a constant anti-war frenzy. They would repeat the U.S. body count daily, but the U.S. body count is unknown, because the media is hiding it to protect Obama. Would they protect President McCain or Romney the same way? No, they would not.

What happened to the shouts of “war criminal” by Code Pink? The American Left know that Obama is following the orders coming from Moscow that Bush refused to follow. Notice Russian troops did military exercises on US Soil during the Clinton and Obama administrations, but NOT during the Bush Administration. Why do you think that is? It is because the Democrat Party is in bed with our enemies. OUR enemies see the Republican Party as the final roadblock to destroying Capitalism. Many Republicans already know that this war against Communism has already been lost and that is why you are seeing more RINO’s these days. 

The American people are brainwashed to see ME as crazy when I say that the Democrat Party is in bed with our mortal enemies. Why? This would never be allowed or tolerated. The people believe that the media would certainly report it if it were true. No they won’t and that is why you will all have to learn THE HARD WAY….



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