The March Towards Socialism is Ending the ‘War on Terror’

The March Towards Socialism is Ending the ‘War on Terror’

Steve Cooper
The Conservative 

I have done numerous editorials on this subject and my take on it. It is important for people to understand how the march towards Socialism is part of a grander plan. So, please share this editorial with your friends. Yes, it is an old plan, but we are now inside the Final Phase of that plan. The march towards Socialism is ending the War on Terror’. Bush expanded NATO and that was against the Socialist playbook. 9/11 was their response.  

The War on Terror being perpetrated by Muslim Terrorists is really part of a ‘stealth Global Marxist Conspiracy’. The Democrats are very much on board with this conspiracy and this is why Obama is being allowed to make massive gains in the ‘War on Terror’.

Why is Obama being allowed by this ‘terror alliance’ to win the War on Terror’? He is following the playbook to finally shatter Capitalism and turn the USA into a Socialist country. This is the real goal. Bin Laden was really a gift that was given to Obama for his deeds. Obama badly needed a feather in his cap to distract from his INTENTIONAL destruction of the U.S. Economy.  

Notice there is still violence in Afghanistan and Iraq, but not like at the peak of the Bush years? This Global Marxist alliance is at war with the Republican Party and CAPITALISM. I don’t believe that this terrorist alliance would have allowed John McCain to make these gains if he won in 2008. 

I also believe that 9/11 probably would NOT have happened if Al Gore won in 2000. Why? Because Gore is ‘the darling’ of the International Marxists. He would have followed the playbook like Obama is doing now. The 9/11 attacks would not have been needed to shove the USA into Socialism.

Karl Marx said “The meaning of peace is the ABSENCE to resistance to Socialism”. Obama is not resisting Socialism; therefore PEACE is now attainable. The defeat of Capitalism is necessary to attain world peace. Why? Marxists are the real enemies that we are facing, but they are just using Muslim terrorists as a proxy. No analyst in the media will expose this conspiracy. Just like they won’t touch Russia moving Saddam’s WMD’s to Syria, the Obama Eligibility Issue and so on.

WHAT ABOUT the new #1 man in Al Qaeda Ayman Zawahiri? He was reported trained by the Russian FSB in 1998. Zawahiri was also one of the planners of the 9/11 attacks. He is getting a free pass? I believe that Zawahiri is being protected by Moscow. Bin Laden wasn’t so lucky and he outlived his usefulness. Zawahiri is a long time friend of the KGB/FSB and he assisted the Soviets with that assassination of Sadat many years ago. He is a loyal soldier for the Soviets and that is saving him.  

Terrorism and the Global Warming Conspiracy are being used to squeeze the American economy. Wars cost a lot of money, but avoiding them cost even more. Terrorism is being used to extort ‘financial aid’ from the USA to developing countries that never get developed. Where does this money really go to? Also, Environmental Communist front groups block the USA from drilling for oil in the courts so that Russia and the Arabs can lead the world in oil exporting. These environmental groups need to be investigated for a conspiracy to commit treason and prosecuted under RICO.     

Many times I wonder why I even bother writing these editorials, because the American people are just too brainwashed to grasp this conspiracy. Beck has brainwashed you all to look inside the Soros/Obama box and not to venture outside that box for a reason. NEVER trust a Libertarian when it comes to politics. They rant like they are Conservatives and they will repeat the word ‘conservative’ over and over, but their anti-war rhetoric is right out of the 1960’s Communist playbook. Many other Libertarians have accused Glenn Beck of being a ‘neo-con’, but that is because they are just much further left than Beck is (Ron Paul loons).  

What is next? They will steal the 2012 Election. They will do it right in your faces the same way that Obama released a fake and forged document in your faces. They dared you to challenge them. The Republicans and the media fear this regime and that is why they attacked ‘the birthers’ to protect the conspiracy. Obama is untouchable at this point and his enemies KNOW THIS.

We are living in a world of lies and deception. The Conservative was created to expose them, but it won’t be here forever. The enemy is doing Satan’s deeds. The enemy will wipe sites like mine off of the Internet with ONE CLICK. The enemy will persecute people like me and YOU. This tyranny and censorship will happen and your little Tea Party sign is not going to stop it.

Only an act of GOD can.


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