The Marxist’s stealth control of the economy and terrorism is manipulating the 2012 Election.

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The Marxist’s stealth control of the economy and terrorism is manipulating the 2012 Election. – Steve Cooper

The economy is getting better just in time for the 2012 election, because the Marxists undermined it in the first place back in 2008 to smash McCain and give you Obama. The Communist establishment wants to ‘Sell you a Savior’. 

The numbers are now being played, because there are still many people suffering and it will only get worse. It is no secret that Capitalism and the Middle Class need to be smashed to install their Marxist Utopia.

The War on Terrorism is making gains, because the Marxists and the Muslims are united in this war against Capitalism and freedom. They want their guy, Obama to be re-elected. Bin Laden was handed over to Obama. Nobody has helped Al Qaeda and terrorism more than the Democrat Party. The favor was returned on May 1st, a Communist holiday. The day that Bin Laden was killed.

9/11 was the final stage of the War against Capitalism. Most of you just walk around mumbling “Never Forget”, because that is exactly what you are brainwashed to do. You are only supposed to know that some Muslims were in a cave and they did all by themselves. Nothing about the Russian terror proxy Iran being involved.

The media repeated
“recession” over and over when Bush was in office and then “recovery”
over and over now that Obama is in office. The media flashed blood
soaked soldiers during the Bush years and then troops coming home when
Obama took over. This is how they brainwash the American idiots. 

Romney will only use kid gloves on Obama when he becomes the nominee. He is following the same script of failure that John McCain did. I told a left winger the other day “My dog could beat Obama, but there will be such massive voter fraud that the Marxists will steal the election anyway”. I then said “You will never see another legit Presidential election for a long time. Obama (like Putin) will be here a long time”.

I laughed when the Tea Party sheep told me that a Pizzaman was going to save them. It shows me that these people have no clue who we are dealing with and what we are facing. On Facebook, I literally LOL’ed in their faces. Well, the Communist Establishment destroyed “The Pizzaman” faster than I even expected. I thought it would take a few more months, but they executed that man FAST. They wanted him  out of the way; BOTH Republicans and Democrats.

To sum it all up. They are messing with your heads and the OUTCOME has been determined already. I have a bridge that I would like to sell you, if you believe that the Communists will allow this opportunity to pass. I predicted back in 2005 “The world is facing a Global Marxist Revolution very soon and it will all be staged”. This was 4 years before any of the Tea Party warriors even woke up. I was laughed at, but those people are NOT laughing any longer. Just as I predicted.


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