The Masked Face of Marxism

The Masked Face of Marxism

Steve Cooper

Libertarians try to spin the fact that “Anarchists are not Communists”, when in fact THEY ARE. One genius tried to pull this with me last week and I shot him right down. Many of these losers claim that they are anti-banker and that they want to change ‘the system’. They are really anti-capitalism and that is a Communist. Then they try to spin it by saying, “no, I just want to change a few things”. 

Many of these Libertarian Anarchists shout “I am a Conservative” to back you off. Then they spew their lies to confuse you further.

“If you can’t convert them, confuse them.” This is one of their motto’s and I must admit that they are very clever at spinning it, because they have many people fooled. I have seen it all on the Internet. I started this war against Liberal Marxists on the Internet back in 2003. That is 6 years before any of the Tea Party rookies woke up.

Many of the 9/11 Truthers are anti-capitalist, closet left wingers. 9/11 Truthers hide behind many labels such as Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Anarchist or even Conservative. They are united with Al Qaeda, because they both share a common agenda; the destruction of Capitalism. This agenda is stealth and it is never mentioned in the media.   

The Masked Face of Marxism

Black Block (Anarchists) and Occupy Wall Street are merely two sides of the same socialist coin.


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