The media is playing up this Chilean mine story as a distraction. Lt col Lakin has a hearing today…

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The media is playing up this Chilean mine crap as a distraction. Lt Col Lakin has a hearing today and you have to keep the sheep busy. Keep staring at the hole dopes….

Next court event:
Wednesday, October 13
at Ft McNair- 12:00 pm

Washington DC

Wednesday’s court appearance will address LTC Lakin’s change of counsel and should be only a brief session. Fort McNair is located at 4th and P streets, SW, near the Waterfront/Marina. Some landmarks are the Waterfront Metro, the EPA building at Waterside Mall, Arena Stage.Use the P Street Entrance to enter the installation. The hearing will be in the Fort McNair courtroom on the third floor of building 32.

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