The NFL Preaches ‘Tolerance’ Towards Gays, but Bashing Tim Tebow’s Religion is Fine?

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Published on: Apr 30, 2013

UPDATE – This post got over 2,000 shares on Facebook. Thank you so much for helping to stand up for the hateful attacks against Tim Tebow.

The NY Jets cut Tim Tebow and I am wondering what all of the hate and bashing is really about? I posted a copy of Tebow’s 2012 stats and he ONLY HAD 8 passing attempts for the entire 2012 season. Does the criticism and hate sound fair to you? EIGHT ATTEMPTS? I suspect there is more behind the hatred that I am seeing from NFL fans.

The NFL is preaching tolerance towards any football players that come out for being gay, but they are silent about the hate towards Tim Tebow? Has the NFL come out to call for tolerance for Tebow’s religious beliefs? Double standard here? I know the answer to that question…

I think NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan is an excellent coach, but he purposely sabotaged Tim Tebow’s 2012 season by not giving him a chance to prove himself. I really like to know  what the real motives were here.

I wrote this article to combat the hateful comments that I have seen by NY Jets fans on the Internet.   tebow stats Tim Tebow Stats The NY Jets cut Tebow 

”Inside the NFL” analyst and former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Cris Collinsworth concluded that much of the hatred against Tebow was based on his religious beliefs.

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20 thoughts on “The NFL Preaches ‘Tolerance’ Towards Gays, but Bashing Tim Tebow’s Religion is Fine?”

  1. After reading what you wrote I realized I really am a branch off of your tree. All I heard the entire day yesterday was how “Tebow is not a good player, he is one of the Heisman trophy winners who never panned out, blah, blah, blah.” I told my husband when he came home last night that I did not understand how they arrive at this assessment of Tebow when he took the Broncos to the playoffs his first season and the Jets never let him play!

    Did the golden boy Manning do any better for the Broncos? Yes you are exactly right Steve, Tebow is being pushed out for being unapologetically Christian. If he were to come out and say he was gay, they would suddenly rediscover his talent. We are living in a time the bible warned, when good would be seen as evil and evil as good. This is a prime example of it.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. If Tebow came out as a gay player, the NFL would protect him and the media would praise him. There have been black quarterbacks too that the media has praised due to their skin color rather than their talent. Rush Limbaugh got into a lot of trouble for exposing that angle of media racism …

    1. BROKE 1,000 shares on Facebook – This is the #1 shared post in Conservative Monster history. Fox News stories don’t get shared 1,000 times. BIG….

      Sean Combs ‏@noocoMParison 1m
      “BREAKING: Mark Sanchez just tried to throw a going away party for Tim Tebow, but it was intercepted and returned for a touchdown”


  3. This is a battle, good against evil. These commie libtards keep trying to shove bs down our throats. I think most of the other players see eye to eye with Tebow but stay silent. I guess they don’t want to lose their fortune and fame. What a shame.

  4. it is too much to ask Robert Griffin III to come out and reveal himself, but hoo-ahh! what a day that would be-
    can you imagine what would happen if RGIII came out and announced that he was a Bible-believing, Conservative-thinking, America-loving and registered Republican nephew of Uncle Sam… and a Yankee Doodle Dandy?!


  6. Wow. Are you guys serious? Tebow doesnt get playing time because he is a Straight, white Christian? LOL That is beyond silly. Firstly Tebow being straight has nothing to do with his playing time. Has everything to do with him not being a good fit for the Jets offense. IF Tebow was so great as a QB, why oh why did the Broncos trade him for a SUPERBOWL WINNING QB? Ouch that has too hurt!

    2. The race card? Seriously?! How many black players pray after games at mid-field AS A GROUP? Reggie White was a Southern Baptist MINISTER and he didnt get half the religious coverage Tebow gets AND He was a Superbowl winner and probably the greatest DE EVER! Ouch I KNOW that one hurts!

    And finally, like I have said above…EVERY NFL game when it is over, has players from both teams joined in prayer at the 50 yardline, I dont hear about those players being persecuited. Also Drew Brees, ANOTHER SUPERBOWL winning QB has time and time again talked about how his faith allowed him to continue playing football his last year in SD when his throwing arm was seriously injured. Dont see him being persecuited AND he is a white, straight, Christian STARTING QB for New Orleans…HOWEVER I do know Tebow PATENTED a TD celebration that countless people have done BEFORE him and continue to do after they score. He put a name to taking a knee in the endzone after a TD…Tebowing, seriously? I wonder if Jesus thought about patenting standing with your arms at should level and calling it Christing. Give me a break. Tebow isnt that good of a QB and he has to improve and wait his turn.

    1. Tebow was not even given a chance in NY, because this seems to be an anti-Christian conspiracy. One of many communist conspiracies that terrorists like you deny exist, but they do. Just take a look at the IRS and MORE…It is time for McCarthyism.

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