The Richard Sherman video that isn’t being shown

Conservative News Update: I am curious why the Liberal media isn’t showing this video of Richard Sherman getting smacked in the face Michael Crabtree. The media sure did love playing the video of Sherman sounding ghetto and nasty, but this video explains why Sherman was so fired up for Erin Andrew’s interview at the end of last weeks game. Click here to watch the interview

I wanted the 49ers to win; so I am not a Seattle Seahawks fan either.

6 thoughts on “The Richard Sherman video that isn’t being shown”

  1. I can’t tell what the Sherman’s motive and tone was.
    I don’t know about Crabtree either, but that encounter has all the feel of a woman who knowingly picks the absolute worst time to have the “talk”.

  2. I dont get it either at all . Except being a Seahawk fan I know how much were not liked but by regular media not just sports VERY WIERD .
    I love Richard Sherman and its B.S. he doesn’t get the good attention also he is an incredible person.

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