The self evident truth of the global Marxist conspiracy is growing clearer

The self evident truth of the global Marxist conspiracy is growing clearer…

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Below is a well written article about the Communist threat, but notice that the author mentions “Global Marxist Conspiracy”. I constantly mention that as well, because the Tea Party People are brainwashed within a George Soros/Obama fishbowl and you are trained by Glenn Beck not to look outside that fishbowl. There is a reason for that and that will be clearer to you VERY SOON.


Back in 2008, a black professional woman was trying to verbally corner me about Obama (big mistake). She felt that he deserved a chance to be President. The smirk on her face was telling me that she felt that I was probably against Obama, because of his race. The expression on her face changed after I told her this:

“Obama is just a front man for wealthy white Communists that are seeking to take control and crush the Capitalist system. He is not black to me, I see him as a RED COMMUNIST”.

Some people have common sense to think ‘outside the Soros box’ and those are the people that read The Conservative The real question is “Why do THEY want you all focused on George Soros and Obama?” It is so you are distracted from noticing the Global Marxist and Muslim Alliance that is currently planning the destruction of freedom and Capitalism. The final phase was kicked off on 9/11/01.

The heart of Capitalism is in the USA and a knife is about to be plunged into it’s chest as it is being held down by the DEMOCRAT PARTY.


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