The Senate is supposed to VET the President; NOT CNN

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Why is CNN so hell bent on convincing the American morons that Obama is eligible? Maybe it is because their credibility is on the line? THE SENATE was supposed to VET this piece of crap Obama, but they did not. They pulled a fast one and they GOT CAUGHT. Admit it and MOVE ON.

Obama has to be banned from the next election. Allow him to finish the term to avoid a crisis and just end this disaster already. The Democrat Party needs to be punished for this as well. ANYONE that votes for a Democrat in the 2012 election is a traitor to this nation and they should be shunned from society.

The Democrat Party needs to be deemed a danger to national security for MANY reasons other than the Obama eligibility issue……..

That fraud Glenn Beck says to “question with boldness?” Well we did and that traitor attacked us, because he is a double agent as well. The idiots that still are fooled by him need to look up the word ‘provocateur’.

Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth? Not on this site…

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