The Tea Party needs to turn into an anti-communist movement

The Tea Party couldn’t stop Obama Care or beat Obama in 2012.

The Tea Party couldn’t stop a notorious  RINO like John McCain from being re elected.

The Tea Party leaders are afraid to say the word communism (saying it on Facebook doesn’t count).

It is game over if the Democrats win Congress in 2014. You Tea Party rookies  can stamp your feet and rant on Facebook until your fingers fall off.

The United States is finished if Nancy Pelosi leads Congress again.

The way things are going the Democrats could use a manufactured crisis to embolden Obama’s executive powers and the American people will be clueless, because they are brainwashed to blame George Bush.

Tell your tea party leaders to start saying the word communism and say it often…otherwise it’s over.

You can’t defeat communism if you’re afraid to say the word.

That is all  …. 

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