The Tireless Vetting of the Republican Candidates

The Tireless Vetting of the Republican Candidates

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The media is having a ball vetting the Republicans, but too bad nobody had the guts to Vet Obama in 2008. John McLame is also guilty of lacking the guts to question Obama. Mitt Romney refuses to call Obama a Socialist? How is he supposed to stand up to Putin if he is afraid of Obama? 

– Radical ties to Bill Ayers and Rev Wright

– He refused to release his birth certificate until he finally released a computer generated version of a birth certificate. The media never questioned if it was valid and why there were numerous Adobe layers.

– Obama’s father was NOT an American Citizen; therefore Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen.

– Obama still refuses to release his college records.

– Obama used a SS# from Connecticut. It is interesting that he NEVER lived there.

– Who is Barry Soetoro?

Libtard-arian frauds, Ron Paul and Glenn Beck, never touched any of these topics UNLESS they attacked them or US. So much for the Constitution.


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