The Trail of Dead Bodies Linked to the BP Oil Spill

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

One year ago I stated my opinion that the BP Gulf Oil Spill was NOT an accident, but sabotage or a terror attack. It was done as an excuse to stop the USA from off shore drilling for oil.

ONE YEAR LATER, we still are not drilling, but Russia, China and Brazil are. USE YOUR HEADS SHEEP.

My theory (I have no proof), but I think that
Venezuela hit that rig with a torpedo from one of there Russian
submarines. They have 10 of them. Why Venezuela? Well, the Russian
propaganda sites were saying it was a N. Korean sub that did it and they
would never put the truth. Hey it could have been N. Korea, but I think
it was Venezuela. We may never find out the truth.

At the time of the BP Oil Spill, a federal judge was about to issue an arrest warrant for Hugo Chavez for him possibly being linked to money laundering. That warrant never materialized after the BP Oil explosion.

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