The Useful Idiots will be Crushed First

The Useful Idiots will be Crushed First

Who was it that ordered the
media to only use words like “Class warfare” and “Redistribution of
Wealth” instead of using Communism or Socialism? Why are The Democrats
so afraid for these words to be spoken in the media? Why are the Republicans afraid
to say the words Communism and Socialism in the media? – Steve Cooper

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Some Union card carrying NY Liberal Jew wanted to engage me in a debate. Is he kidding me? I explained to this simpleton that “the Useful Idiots like him will be the first to be executed”. Why? Well, they will take to the streets when they see that the ‘Change’ is not equally distributed by the Communist regime. I also told him that he was a “traitor to Israel”.

These Useful Idiots will feel betrayed, because they helped install the Marxist Dictatorship and they will want their share of the pie. Don’t hold your breath.

These Useful Idiots will then see that Communism is not only more corrupt than Capitalism, but much more deadly. Now you understand why the Soviet Union always tried to portray their society as a ‘utopia’. It was all a lie to deceive dummies like this NYC Liberal Jew that was pestering me.

Communist propaganda is based on lies and deception….


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