The War on Women is Coming from the LEFT

The War on Women is Coming from the LEFT

The Democrats accuse the
Republicans of trying to control the health care of women, but that is
exactly what Obama care will do. Do you see how clever these people are?
Everything that they say is a twisted LIE.

These Marxists want to control your womb and you all will see more of this in the future, because over population of the poor and lower middle class will be blamed for the economic mess. Only the wealthy will be allowed to have children, because only they will be able to afford the massive CHILD TAX that will be imposed.

Do you really believe that Chelsea Clinton will get the same health care that your child will?

I could see a child quota just like China has being imposed by the tyrannical leftists.

Race, sex, religion, health care and terrorism are all being used as a tool for a massive assault against freedom.

– Steve Cooper


Copyright 2009