The Wars Are Ending and Unemployment Drops Below 8%

Steve Cooper


UPDATE – Mitt Romney releases a statement claiming that the real unemployment rate is 11% due to people that have dropped OUT of the workforce. This number was backed up by a Fox News Business commentator.



“The meaning of peace is ABSENCE to resistance to Socialism”. – Karl Marx.

The wars are ending and unemployment has dipped below 8%. So, I guess Obama is the ‘Chosen One’? The other explanation could be that the Democrats are in bed with the radicals that are behind terrorism and the economic system?

Now, you must vote for Obama since unemployment dipped below 8% and Bin Laden has been killed otherwise the Democrats will accuse you of racism. That has to be the only other excuse why you would not want to re-elect the first, half-black President.

I do believe that all hell will break lose if Obama loses this election, because Russia, China and Iran DO NOT want Romney in the White House the same way that they DID NOT want George Bush in there. Al Gore and Obama’s communist past and propaganda is no conspiracy theory.

“The meaning of peace is ABSENCE to resistance to Socialism”. – Karl Marx.

What is absence to resistance to Socialism? – Dismantling the Capitalist system (CHANGE). Capitalism is what Obama is referring to when he says “We need to change the stale old policies of the past’.

The enemy will punish the American people if they vote against the Socialist Democrat, Obama.


Resisting Socialism (voting for Bush) and expanding NATO is what caused 9/11.

How do you end a war? Do you ask the enemy for permission to end the war along with you? Obama is NOT resisting Socialism and that is why the enemy is allowing him to end the wars, but terrorism still continues to REMIND and TRAUMATIZE.


Psychological warfare….


Romney needs to go on a brutal offensive if he does win the election, because he will have many enemies that will try to destroy his presidency: in the US Government, in the media, the Democrat Party, Russia and China… just like George Bush did.

The Democrats have accused the Republicans of trying to sabotage the Obama Administration, but they really ‘derailed the road to Socialism’. The Tea Party helped obstruct that road to Socialism more than anything, but the roots are still embedded deeply.

I believe that arresting known Communists and Muslim terrorist sympathizers is the only hope to save the United States.

Please read what is left of my archives for more, because it is not worth repeating stuff that is too deep for people. Everyone jumps all over articles that have George Soros in the title, because Glenn Beck brainwashed you all to do that.

Like Pavlovs dog, mentioning the name Soros sets off a chain reaction and this conspiracy is MORE than just George Soros. The Nations and shadowy people behind Soros want him to be a distraction for their participation with this march towards Global Communism.

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8 thoughts on “The Wars Are Ending and Unemployment Drops Below 8%”

  1. Didn’t I say awhile back that just before the election it would “appear” that we are suddenly living in a utopia…..

    1. Sure, the people are easily manipulated. They think that Obama is a foreign policy genius, but he is really a collaborator. Our enemies don’t want him going anywhere and they will give him Bin Laden or an Iranian no nukes deal just to fool the people.

  2. Funny about your posts with “Soros” in title getting more reads.

    Regarding the bigger picture, it’s BIG. The players are many, if you try to name and know them all individually. They are fewer if, as I do, you try to keep up with countries and the political parties as they claim them to be, mainly. The players are easy enough to list if you group them by ideology: Commies (includes socialists, Marxists, Demonrats, and the rest of them), Muslims, and real Americans (may include some Republicans, maybe a few really really old Democrats, you, your readers, and a lot of US citizens who don’t yet know their neighbors are Commies).

    It’s too much to take in all at one time, or at least it was for me. Best to drop in at least a few times a week, read what I understand and at least part of what I don’t understand, and, over time, it all falls into place. Also, over time, my BS detector has grown sharper and I’m better able to sniff out disinformation and those who distribute it right away. (It helps, of course, that my grandmother told me that Joe McCarthy warned us, that she heard him, and that she was always watching the news for them. Now, when I read your posts in which you point out the Commies, it doesn’t seem at all far-fetched to me. Grandmother did, after all, pass on McCarthy’s warning to me.)

    1. Soros is a distraction and that is why they fed Beck a steady flow of dirt, because the bigger leaders of the conspiracy wanted the people to look elsewhere. Soros most likely answers to Moscow and Beijing, because that is where the world communist government will be led from.

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