TheSavageNation on USTREAM

Steve Cooper

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5 thoughts on “TheSavageNation on USTREAM”

  1. TY! I haven’t gotten my Savage on for over a month! Probably for the best though. I already have an ulcer! Don’t need two !!

  2. So it’s true?? Savage is OFF the air? Why? Does anyone know? I think it’s good really, I got pretty sick and tired of ppl telling me I was a Savage Bot (sometimng along those lines anyway) They also accused me of getting all my talking points from Rush. God’s truth is I’ve never, not even once, listened to Rush. He comes on at the wrong times and for me he isn’t part of the repertoire.

  3. Can’t wait to read his new book, ‘Train Tracks’ . Heard about it on the USTREAM. Too bad my pc gets really slow when I’m on there! I like it because there are ppl in the chat room, just like you used to have, Steve! Reminds me of the old days.
    How wierd that I stopped listening to Savage at this time. Wonder who will pick him up. He’s correct to cut out if he isn’t getting what he wants. I hope whoever his old company was suffers big time for their great loss!

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