These Radical Intellectuals are NOT Democrats

These Radical Intellectuals are NOT Democrats

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I was trying to tell my father (a Democrat) that the people would feel more comfortable about him running the health care system rather than radicals that preach Euthanasia behind closed doors. I also told him that “these people are not the rational Democrats of the past. The Democrat Party has been hijacked by a bunch of radical intellectuals and Elitists”. These dangerous radicals have the Republicans cowering in a corner afraid to speak the truth EXCEPT Allen West. 

An FBI Agent that infiltrated the Weather Underground stated how shocked he was when he was in a room full of ‘Ivy League’ terrorists that were seeking to take down the U.S. Government and hand it over to Russia and China. That agenda is still the goal today and it will not create world peace. It will create world slavery.—espionage-and-spy-network-1981-.aspx  

The henchmen and women that assembled the healthcare bill look like they came out of Nazi Germany.  ‘The Marxists’ attacked her for claiming there would be ‘death panels’, because she struck the TRUTH NERVE. Sick old people will be too costly to help when the economy goes further south and they will be abandoned just like Sarah Palin said that they would be.  

Sarah Palin has more guts in her little toe than most of the GOP frauds.

These radicals created Obama Care, because it is their goal to control the people. Mandatory mental health checks of all gun owners will be a way for them to circumvent the 2nd Amendment. The high suicide and crime rates that tend to come with Socialism will be used as an excuse to have everyone psychologically evaluated. Here is an article from Reuters that mentions the high suicide rate in Greece.

Obesity will be used as a way to take control of the food and eventually water. Rationing is the goal and Conservatives states will be hit the hardest, because they are the opposition. Just learn from what Stalin did in the Ukraine when he starved 12 million people to death. It is not rocket science….

High energy prices is also a sneaky way to inflate food and create another ‘crisis’, to the point where ‘redistribution’ by the federal Government will be necessary. That is when the fun will begin….

Many of you will not like this next comment, but I believe that the people will be forced into accepting communism (globally), because some very evil people have hijacked Capitalism. They are using slave labor to destroy the Global middle class. This is more than just the USA, the economy is under Global Sabotage. This is almost irreversible. Many people around the world need to be arrested to fix this mess, but how will that be accomplished when they are backed by powerful Governments such as China, Russia and Saudi Arabia?

Rush, Cain and Hannity talk a good game, but they never mention that it is much harder to make it today. Capitalism has already been hijacked by the Elite and they want to break the middle class over their knee. Banks are in fear of an Obama take over and they are not giving loans so easily these days. The economic disaster was brought on by the government forcing banks to give risky loans based on race rather than the ability to pay back the loan. Banks were targeted by Federal discrimination stings and it softened them up to give loans to people with bad credit or no credit at all.   

The economy is so weak right now that it has really lessened the odds of a small business becoming successful. The global economy is
twisted into one big Marxist Utopian knot by the Elite. Slave labor in
China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam has stripped the U.S.
economy of it’s dominance in manufacturing.

I once saw an interview with an economic expert that had a simple, but chilling message. He said that “the USA used to be the top producer and consumer in the world, but that has changed due to the shift in the Asia”. Now, Asians are the top producers and the USA is the top consumer. He claimed that this can’t last forever, because the top consumers will eventually have to consume less, because they will have less purchasing power (money). Where are the Americans going to get money from if they are not producing? Do the math….

Americans won’t like consuming less, but it is inevitable. Americans like to eat big and buy big. The Elite see this gluttony as a problem and they seek to control it via bigger government. The environmentalist radicals are trying to prepare people via propaganda (brainwashing) that they all need to consume less and their eventual goal is ‘Government control’ over public consumption.     


Obama and his friends in the media drop the word ‘sacrifice’ once in a while to brainwash you all to be prepared when the prosperity and Capitalism are removed from your life. Sacrificing your freedoms is embedded in that message as well, but it can’t be seen from the outside looking in. I could write about this subject for hours, but I won’t bore you all with the gory details. I just want to add one more thing….

Population Control via abortion is key to keeping the math working for the Marxist Utopia. Too many people to feed will ruin the math for the elite. This is why Elitists like Ted Turner and Howard Stern constantly talk about population control and abortion. I guess they are tired of paying high taxes to feed useless eaters. I can’t say that I blame them, but their agenda is still evil. Population control will be a very hot topic soon… mark my words.  


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