This Memorial Day – Think About How the Media Has Added to U.S. Military Casualties

This Memorial Day – Think About How the Media Has Added to U.S. Military Casualties

Steve Cooper

Today, think about how the media has undermined and manipulated all wars since the Vietnam War. Think about how our enemies use civilians as human shields and then the media spins this against US Troops when there are civilian casualties.

Think about how this anti-war, left wing and biased reporting by the media has raised the amount of injuries and casualties against U.S. Soldiers.

Think about how the media played up the Abu Ghraib incident in Iraq to whip up the Muslims into a frenzy against U.S. Troops to undermine George Bush. Think about how the media has buried all of the incidents under Obama to protect him. Civilians have died while Obama is in office, but nobody is calling him a ‘war criminal’. The Koran burning incident was immediately buried by the media to protect Obama, but we all know that would not be the case if Bush or McCain were President. 

The liars in the media created The Conservative This website is the voice of truth, the voice of the people and a sledge hammer onto the heads of these Communist bastards that manipulate the American people daily. It is sickening.

Think about how the media portrays U.S. Soldiers as victims of a Capitalist war machine, rather than liberators of people from tyranny. The media loves to show mangled soldiers and crying families; rather than stories about true heroism and valor that is displayed daily on the battle fields around the world.

A MSNBC left wing robot said that “he don’t like using the word hero to describe fallen U.S. Soldiers”. This Communist slug is exactly what is wrong with the media.

I also like how the media is hiding the fact that Russian troops are on U.S. soil doing drills with American troops on Memorial Day weekend. Why the secrecy? Drills with Russian soldiers on U.S. soil has only happened one other time and that was under the Clinton Administration. Gee, what a shock….

Has it dawned on you people that the majority of U.S. Military causalities are from Russian and Iranian made weapons? No, it has not, because you are all brainwashed NOT to see what I see clear as the sunrise in front of my face.

TODAY, Think about how U.S. Troops have died to protect freedom of Speech and the Press. Now, this freedom of the press is being used as a tool against U.S. Troops.


Happy Memorial Day,

Steve Cooper


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