Threat from Google to Ban The Conservative Monster from Advertising

Steve Cooper

Below is a THREAT from Google that they are banning my website due to violence and gore. What gore? A photo of Ambassador Stevens after he was murdered by Muslims in Libya.

This photo has appeared on numerous websites, but the Conservative Monster was singled out. Why? This is the only site that contains 100% truth. I keep telling you people that “the censorship of communism is already here”, but the sheep tell me I am a “pessimist”. No, the people that say that are clueless.

Last week, I had a strong premonition that I would be taken down by the enemy, because they would target my Google Ads.

Google Adsense is the main income for this website. I will not work for free. The Conservative Monster will be shut down in 3 days if disables the ads.

This is the post where the violation occurred, but Google said there could be others as well.

Was Ambassador Stevens Sacrificed for a ‘Greater Cause’? Psychological Warfare Against the USA

Google AdSense: You have 3 working days to make changes to your site

This is a warning email to alert you that there is action required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies. We’ve provided additional details below, along with the actions to be taken on your part.

Issue ID#: 18483366

Affected website:

Example page where violation occurred:

Action required: Please make changes to your site within 72 hours.

Current account status: Active

Violation explanation

VIOLENCE/GORE: As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with violent or disturbing content, including sites with gory text or images.  More information about this policy can be found in our help center ( ).

How to resolve:

If you received a notification in regard to page content, please either remove the content from your site or remove ads from the violating pages. If you received a notification in regards to the way ads are implemented on your site, please make the necessary changes to your implementation. We will automatically review the site again after 72 hours. You do not need to contact us if you make changes. Please be aware that if changes are not made within the required time frame, ad serving will be disabled to the affected website listed above.

Additionally, please be aware that the URL above is just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website or other sites that you own. To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance. For more information regarding our policy warning notifications, visit our Help Center:

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


The Google AdSense Team
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25 thoughts on “Threat from Google to Ban The Conservative Monster from Advertising”

  1. It means somebody reported your site. Contact Google and ask them to investigate. This happens to lots of conservative sites. The Libtards can’t compete fairly so this is how they do it. They are evil people. If any of them survive the coming civilian war, then God will deal with them. Either way, they’re all going to hell – where they belong.

  2. google was founded by a russian immigrant clearly this is kgb conspiracy against freedom and jesus christ

    1. furthermore, why do you even care, just delete the story and move on since it’s not like these images of the dead ambassador are hard to come by or something.

        1. Other sites have that same photo, but the photo that I used was flagged or reported. My site has many enemies and they probably reported me to Google, because I am being targeted.

          1. I don’t see Google deleting the photo from their image search engine, but I am banned from displaying the photo? Again, this could also be about my blistering commentary about the incident also. We are just assuming it is about the photo. Their letter said that it could also be ‘gory text’ and disturbing content.

          2. i followed your link and read their policy statement and it says that pictures of people “receiving serious injuries” is directly prohibited so i’m pretty sure removing the ambassador picture would solve your problem.

            might also be an issue with “Google ads may not appear on content that exists solely to demean or dehumanize people, as such sites may be interpreted as negative or offensive”.

            finally, some moron left a comment under post in question saying he would cut black panthers with a broken glass or whatever. i don’t think google cares about random idiots in comments, but who knows.

            cheer up.

          3. That photo is all over Google. Search their images….they are not deleting the pic. It could be my commentary on the attack and not the photo.

            From the Google threat – Additionally, please be aware that the URL above is just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website or other sites that you own. To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance. For more information regarding our policy warning notifications, visit our Help Center:

        2. I was thinking a little while ago “oh no what if they get Steve to back down”…I see from your comment there is no chance of that. I can breathe now, but yes sheeple evil is upon us.

          1. I understand Steve, I just didn’t want them to bully you into submission. At the end of the day it is better to go down fighting than to submit to tyranny, even if it means they shut you down. You don’t have to answer this but how much does it cost to keep the site up and running? People better wake up and realize that we already have a dictator, the mistake was made in November of 2008, good luck getting rid of him now. This will not be your “normal” election cycle, not this time.

          2. this note was from my 84 year old uncle – We can expect more of this in every area where Gov. & Media intend to control free speech! The Government is lying to the people regarding that murder & the hour is coming we can no longer trust Government or the main stream Media !

  3. Never fear Steve in just a little over a month we will have an election and the criminal commies will be voted out without so much as a wimper……….

    1. I most certainly pray so, Cynthia. If we don’t remove him now, I fear he’ll become quite unmovable.
      Wishing you well and thinking of you often.

  4. what the hell! freedom of speech anyone! there is tons of hate speech on twitter, you can learn to make bombs and drugs on the internet and they would shut down your website?! I’d sue!

  5. I wouldn’t suppose it’s mere coincidence that even as Ahmadinejad demands the voices against Islam be silenced (at the UN) and the useless POTUS agrees, you get a warning from Google – which I have no doubt is yet another set of eyes and years for the government, which is why I never ever use it, but through the wall of Firefox.

    Surely this isn’t an isolated incident. The Ambassador’s bloodied and quite possibly dead body has been paraded all across the net. It’s a very big deal, but considering the content published on the net, such as actual, live, beheadings, one can near be 100% certain that the warning had nothing to do with the pictorial presentation, which was rather mild compared to some. Back to the beheadings, and scratchy videos on You Tube of Muslim women being stoned to death, buried in holes up to their necks, or youth hung from rafters in the middle of town square. I don’t get Googles point here, but for the timing.. Why now? Well don’t we all know why now, really?

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