Tim Geithner: Spokesman for the Elite – Hard times are here to stay

Steve Cooper
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inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the
inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.
 Winston Churchill quotes

Remember that old song “Happy days are here to stay”? I guess that was popular after the Great Depression, but now we are being told the opposite “Hard times are here to stay”.

The economy is being restructured to fit a Marxist agenda that is in it’s final global stages. This is a war against capitalism and the final stage kicked off on 9/11. We are deeply infiltrated by enemies that seek to destroy the middle class, not help them. They repeat over and over that they are for the middle class and the average dope just eats up the propaganda like they mean what they say.

The new normal will be ‘suffering’. So, get used to it.

Massive unemployment is part of the plan. The goal is to get as many people dependent on government assistance and bigger government as much as possible. Also, blow up he deficit with massive spending to cause massive inflation, higher taxes and a wider separation between the classes.

The average American has been dumbed down to the evils of socialism. They just mention that the  Europe model of socialism is not killing people. Well, not yet. You are witnessing socialism with a smiley and happy face. Just wait until you have the government totally controlling your health care and then talk to me. You do not see Europeans flying to Cuba for health care do you? 

The Marxists keep pushing the restructuring of education also. That is because they want to control of your child’s brain to plant their Marxist Utopian ideologies deep inside. Communism did not die, it was just playing possum to lull you all to sleep and it worked like a charm.

The high taxes that the rich will be paying will not dent their life style, but it will crush yours. This is why the abortion, gay and birth control agenda is so crucial to the Marxists. The population needs to be as low as possible for the math to work in the Marxist Utopia. Think about it.  

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