Time to Get the McCarthyism Ball Rolling?

Joe McCarthy

Steve Cooper


Below are TWO comments that I posted on Twitter…

Arresting known Communist agents in the Universities, supporters of the Democrat Party and the media for Sedition is a good way to get the McCarthyism ball rolling. #NRA

Boot anyone from your life that calls you “crazy”, because your views are Conservative. That person is a closet Socialist.


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9 thoughts on “Time to Get the McCarthyism Ball Rolling?”

  1. Hell yes! fox included. From local Mayors,City Councils,to State govt. on to Federal. All of these Anti-American-Communist, germs have reared their ugly heads. Shine the light and when they run into their holes-this time drag the worms out.

  2. Read yesterday where Putin is after soros. Guess soros tried to pull his criminal b.s. with the wrong Country. If he gets out of America with his false teeth he will be lucky.

      1. comments from my Twitter page

        School teachers should have the kids draw little hammers and sickles all day with red crayons instead of studying American history.

        Obama is not a Marxist; he is just Liberty challenged. #NRA

  3. As a kid I watched McCarthy holding hearings on TV (good old black and white TV). What a hoot that was. Too bad that he failed to find any Marxists of any importance.

    1. I watched the ‘un-American’ hearings on TV too. The problem with McCarthy was that he could not understand, or knew and decided to ignore, that there is any difference between a true Marxist and anyone that was the slightest bit liberal. In the post war years there were a few true Marxist spies in the US government. McCarthy missed most of them. He saw thousands of slightly liberal people, almost anyone to the political left of himself, and rebranded them to fit his political needs.

      The Venona Papers showed that there were more Marxists in the US government than first thought. They also showed that the numbers were still far less that McCarthy branded as spies for the USSR. Too bad that so few of the messages could be decoded and that so much of the information is only partially understandable.

      1. McCarthy was right. Liberals are communists and they don’t need to be on the KGB payroll to be a traitor. It is done via infiltration of the media and the Universities. Liberals are brainwashed and they are a cancer to freedom.

  4. holy cow!! thanks Steve. IMO anyone that even smacks of communism in America***needs to leave. One is too many. New York and Ca.chuck a block full.

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