TN Rep. Womick: Muslims Can Not Be in the Military

Steve Cooper


UPDATE: Remember that two unarmed Green Berets were killed just last week by an Afghanistan soldier that they were training. They trusted them and look what happened to them…


This video was made by Think Progress (a left wing think tank). Liberals will try to twist the words of Rep Womick, because Liberals are united with the Muslims to destroy Capitalism. Most 9/11 Truthers are Leftists even though many of them lie and publicly say that they are ‘Conservatives’. That is done for deception purposes.

Rep. Womick clearly has done his homework on Islam and the way that Muslims lie so they can infiltrated branches of Government, Homeland Security and the US Military. Womick is a brave man to speak the truth like this in this politically correct world.

Ten years after 9/11 and still people are clueless that the International Communists have aided the Muslims after the attacks by using political correctness and racial profiling as a tool to protect the enemy.

Ron Paul is a perfect example of a closet leftist that defends Iran and spews Al Qaeda propaganda hidden behind the label ‘Conservative’. Paul has blamed the USA for terrorism countless times during interviews and on the House floor. I suspect that Paul just talks about the economy like a Conservative to bait people into his web of Soviet anti-war, anti-Israel theories on terrorism.


5 thoughts on “TN Rep. Womick: Muslims Can Not Be in the Military”

  1. If people really understood Islam, we wouldn’t just be calling to have them discharged from our military. Islam is the enemy. Muslims want us dead. You can argue and rationalize, trivialize and marginalize all you want but the fact remains, Islam DEMANDS that all people either convert to Islam or die. They will NEVER rest until the United States is either destroyed or over-run. It’s that simple. If it were up to me, I’d give every Muslim in the USA thirty days to leave and then after that, shoot every single one that was left. Horrible, you say? TFB. I’m only asking to treat them as they treat us. Islam is the enemy and until we realize that and take action, we are on the path to destruction.

    1. Still many people have no clue about how dangerous Islam really is. Some genius is furious that I posted this article and that I agree with Rep. Womick. So, I am supposed to censor my opinion, because he is offended?

  2. Anyone that worships the Koran knowing how many people Islam has killed around the world is unfit to be in sensitive positions like Homeland Security and the Military. i agree with Rep. Womick. This is not about equality, this is about JIHAD.

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