Trump gone; Romney will be rammed down your throat

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

UPDATE: Bill O’ Lielly said that he interviewed Donald Trump today and he said that NBC offered him so much money that he could not turn down Celebrity Apprentice next year. He also said that he feared that the media would “savage” him and his family. I believe it was more the media than the money. Trump saw what he was up against and he said FORGET THIS. I can not say that I blame him…. 

The establishment “savaged” Donald Trump, because he dared to ask the question that made Beck run into a corner and cry; ‘The Obama eligibility issue’. If you think that Trump was part of a conspiracy to make the birth certificate go away, you are wrong. How do I know? Trump made many mortal enemies on both sides of the isle and in the middle when he demanded that Obama show proof that he is eligible to be president.

It was a bad business decision for Trump to ask this question, because there is no doubt that many left wing loons and Beck puppets will now boycott his casino’s for demanding that Obama prove his eligibility. Trump saw the writing on the wall “it is NOT worth it”. I do believe that Trump seriously considered running in 2012 and even Dick Morris said that “it was very possible”. Morris would know, because his father worked for Donald Trump many years.

I was disgusted when I saw so called conservatives attacking Trump, because he dared to ask that Obama show proof that he was born in Hawaii. Trump has more balls than Beck and Bill O’ Lielly put together, because they would never dare tackle this topic with the guts that Trump did.

I warned the Beck puppets on Facebook that their attacks against Trump was going to hand them Mitt Romney, the fraud RINO. I said many times “Romney will not save you, because he is a fraud and he lacks the guts to speak the truth like Trump does”. The truth scares many people and Trump was just too much for the weak sheep in the Fox audience to swallow. The time for debate and beating around the bush is over. Now, all of you Trump bashers can support Romney (the 2012 version of John McLame) and you can choke on Obama for another 4 years.

Trump felt the heat that the Republicans and Fox News put on him and he backed off. People are easily brainwashed and many in the Fox News audience began to turn against Trump thanks to the daily negative attacks from Rove, Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter (ALL are Murdoch puppets).

Expect massive voter fraud by “THE LEFT” anyway in this next election. So, Trump would have probably lost as well. 

This election is over and so is freedom, because you have no voice or vote. Trump had no voice either, because many stooges on the right and left attempted to silence his free speech for asking Obama to produce his birth certificate. I do not blame Trump for walking away, because I saw the way these Fox News puppets bashed him on Facebook and it made me sick how brainwashed they are. So, now Trump is gone and you have Romney…ENJOY.

is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who
cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide
everything.” – Joseph Stalin

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