Trump needs to petition U.S. Supreme Court to define ‘Natural Born Citizen’ before 2012 election

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Many Photoshop experts have come forward to say that Obama’s certificate of live birth that was released earlier this week was a fake and altered document. It was composed of layers and that is no way to release evidence if you are trying to disprove allegations of fraud by putting out an altered document.

Lets cut to the chase….NO MORE GAMES and no more distractions about birth certificates. The media is also complicit in this cover up, because not one has questioned why it took so long for this document to be released and WHY was it composed it layers and allegedly tampered with.

There are too many questions about Obama’s past and he must be prevented from being on the 2012 ballot. He is clearly a Marxist and he has admitted his Marxist leanings in his book where he stated “I sought out the most radical Marxist professors while in college”. This man is not even eligible to be on the ballot.

I clearly explain my interpretation of a Natural Born Citizen in this article and I am basing this on research since Aug. 2008 and the opinion of legal experts. The Common Sense Definition of a Natural Born Citizen

In this video, Supreme Court Justice Thomas states that “We are evading this issue”. The issue that Thomas is referring to is the Obama eligibility issue. Judge Thomas needs to explain this comment and be investigated for possible conspiracy to aid in a cover up.
Click here for the VIDEO

Donald Trump has the money to press the Natural Born Citizenship Issue and the Supreme court needs to stop hiding and finally determine the true meaning of a Natural Born Citizen. The founding fathers stated that ONLY for the Office of President the candidate must be a Natural Born Citizen. This standard is higher than just a U.S. Citizen, because the founding fathers understood that the office of president should not be held by anyone that has foreign allegiance.

Obama admitted on “Fight the Smears” that he held Kenyan citizenship up until the age of 21 years old. This does not sound NATURAL BORN TO ME, but still we have closet left wing dupes that insist there is no definition. Kenyan citizenship means FOREIGN ALLEGIANCE. 

Well, Trump needs to put the definition of a natural born citizen to rest NEXT, because do not hold your breath for that idiot Glenn Beck to do it.

Has Obama Deceived the Whole World? 

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Natural Born Citizen Chart


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