Trump: Obama’s birth certificate is a ‘computer generated fake’

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I have been standing by Donald Trump for many weeks as many stated that they were suspicious he was an Obama plant trying to make the eligibility issue go away. I disagreed, because Trump is a businessman and it was bad business to take on such a controversial issue knowing full well that both parties and the media would go after ‘The Donald” with everything they got. Many radical left wingers and Republican sheep will now boycott Trumps casino’s.

Why would the Republicans and Fox News care to target Trump? Their hands are dirty too and I will leave it at that.

I understand communist tactics and propaganda as well as anyone that I ever met. I have been studying their techniques on the Internet day and night for the past 8 years. From Pravda to Prison Planet…I have seen it all. Obama and Soros would have rather left this issue alone rather than make a deal with Donald Trump to act as the opposition to allow this fake birth certificate to be released. Why bother? the media already had a tight lid on this conspiracy from being reported with any honesty (Fox News included). 

I must admit that even I almost lost some faith when Trump received $60 million from NBC to stay on the Celebrity Apprentice show. Plus, Trump was quiet about the forged birth certificate that Obama released, but it was smart to be silent and I will explain. It was smart to be silent, because Obama planned the kill Bin Laden mission to knock the eligibility issue from the media airwaves. Trump was correct to wait for all of that hoopla to calm down and it has now.

Last week, I interviewed Jerome Corsi and he even admitted that he was suspicious of Trump, but I disagree due to the amount of enemies that Trump has made now. It was bad business to speak out about such a controversial issue that has been practically banned by the American media; he is smarter than that.

I would not blame Trump if he walked away from this entire issue, because it is a lose/lose situation for him. Many Republican sheep and Beck puppets are targeting ‘The Donald’, because they are relied on to help the eligibility issue go away, because Beck is the leader of the Anti-Birther movement. He lost all credibility when he attacked the ‘birther’ movement for daring to “Question with Boldness”. Beck is guilty of using Alinsky tactics against his own fans.

I will give Beck credit for one thing. The other day he was finally mentioning the “International” Marxist and Muslim conspiracy that I have been talking about for many years and he has not. I was stunned when I saw that he was talking about Russia and China being part of this global take over along with Soros. I guess Glenn has been reading The Conservative Monster? 

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