Trump Promises Big Bombshell on Obama This Wednesday (Oct. 24th, 2012) That Could Change The Election

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16 thoughts on “Trump Promises Big Bombshell on Obama This Wednesday (Oct. 24th, 2012) That Could Change The Election”

      1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking and maybe “who’s the daddy”, this imposter has so many skeletons in his closet it is no telling what it could be, I won’t be able to sleep Tuesday night, LOL!

          1. Hope you’re feeling better Steve.

            I am anxious as well to see what he reveals; considering he told Fox they’d cover it in a very big fashion.

            Also I heard the name “Charles C. Johnson” come up on a blog suggesting that “Charles C. Johnson was selling, and Donald J. Trump was buying” but not certain which gentleman he is referring to, maybe the IT Tech who held prominent positions? Not sure. Maybe it’s nothing, but I guess we’ll find out!

          2. Thanks…a bit run down, but I am okay and I can’t wait til Wednesday. It is nice to have money to make things like this happen. So, let’s see what it is and how bad the media will downplay it.

  1. i am smiling ear to ear cause we already know it is going to be devastating to the usurper potus… maybe a day for a designated driver…. across the united states… we can only hope…. you rock steve…

    1. I defended Trump many times in the past because libertarians tried to smear him. hopefully this is big, but the media will downplay anything that is released

      1. we don’t care how they do it in the lame stream media… that is for idiots… and they know it.

  2. Who are the sources? We may know them and they could be his team of investigators who went into B/C records and possibly college records. I know the stinking FRAUD cheated and lied his way through school and was put into any and all of his positions by puppet masters who saw this “bastard” coming a mile away when he was a kid. Stanley Ann loved it. God knows who they met when they went to see her favorite movie, “Black Orpheus”. She was UN-American and associated with un Americans. She pimped out obama, as sure as I’m sitting here. I don’t mean to imply sex but….. welll ya never know.

  3. Let’s not forget his tax problems and Michelle’s Insurance (realty?) scams.
    Y’kknow what??? We ALL deserve a bit of GOOD news now and again. Last night it was the debate, tonight, Mike Savage Show, tomorrow…… let’s pray it goes over the top and influences this race like nothing has before!!

  4. It may be the evidence of his Credit Card Fraud. It was regarding OUR TAX MONEY if anyone recalls. OUR CC’s were being USED by a superpac of his to put thru $$ from ppl who wanted to contribute but had already contributed the cap. THIS IS A BIG BIG BIG DEAL. I hope to God it comes out because The DUMB DEMS who actually have credit cards will become pretty darned paranoid and we can sure as hell use this baby to the hilt!

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