Trump tells George Stoogopolous: I will release my tax returns when Obama releases his birth certificate

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Keep going Donald. Do not let these Fox News brainwashed Republican puppets derail you. There are so many brainwashed idiots out there, it amazes me. I deleted about 30 morons from my Facebook page. They can drop dead. They have no clue that the Republican fears lies have them brainwashed. 

Do you know how long we needed someone like Trump to come out on this issue? Romeny and Palin are a waste of time idiots. I swear you people deserve Obama.

They are scared….the liars in the media are desperate to keep a lid on the scammer and Usurpers ineligibility. These bastards in the media all need to be investigated for conspiring to cover up multiple felonies and treason.

The media is trying to smear Trump to make it sound like this is his only issue. WRONG, trump is the ONLY candidate with the balls and integrity to raise the issue. Do you hear me Palin-bots? Trump is not on Murdoch’s payroll. Fox News is attacking Trump more than Obama these days. One of the Fox News puppets compared Trump to Napoleon the other night.

This issue is over the head of the average dope in this country. I swear I am fed up. I have covered this issue since day one. I have rallied with Pastor Manning, Orly Taitz and others as well in regards to the eligibility issue and anyone that is trying to derail Trump is NOT a patriot, you are a fool.

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