4 thoughts on “Twitter Reaches 200 Million Tweets A Day.”

  1. The new page Coop looks amazing ! Great Job ..It feels a bit odd in a good way though . I think since I left FB months ago I should finally get a Twitter .
    Also ~ MONSTER Fans …Lets all show Steve how much we appreciate all his hard work scroll down and do what you can like I did and contribute to help support this page . Every little bit adds up ! Thanks for all ya do Coop …like I always say but I mean it …the Zoo and I love ya !

    1. Get on Twitter…FB is for family and friends. Twitter is exploding with news and politics…

      1. I didn’t actually realize that, Steve. Thanks for the tip. Never been on FB or Twitter.
        Love the new site, got to check out how it does on my smart phone too.

        1. The mobile vision is awesome…opens fast. Perfect. Yes, please get on Twitter, because the front line is there. It is a MUST…

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