Tyrone Woodfork Could be Obama’s Son Too?

Tyrone Woodfork Could be Obama’s Son Too?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

I find it interesting that the UK is reporting about this story, but I haven’t seen it all over the American media like the Trayvon Martin circus. Obama said that Trayvon Martin (above right) could be his son. Well, Tyrone Woodfork (above left) could be his son too.

Who is Tyrone Woodfork? He was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting and killing an 85 year old woman in Oklahoma and then shooting her 90 year old husband in the face with a BB gun. The victims were both WHITE and the suspect was black. I guess that is why the media ignored the story.

The media ignores incidents like this everyday, because it doesn’t fit their liberal agenda of portraying minorities as the oppressed victims of society. ‘Economic and Social’ issues are blamed when if a liberal ever is confronted by a brutal news story like this.

The race card could be played both ways.     

Suspect: Tyrone Dale David Woodfork, 20, was
arrested a day after the attack on complaints of first-degree murder,
burglary, assault with a dangerous weapon and two complaints of armed




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