Muslim Rampage: U.S. Ambassador to Libya Suffocated to Death

Steve Cooper


UPDATE – The report about this Muslim rampage being caused by a You Tube video was FALSE.


Yesterday, Libyans went on a rampage (on the anniversary of 9/11), because someone dared to do a film about Muhammad that offended them. Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was suffocated to death during a vicious assault and 3 others were shot to death. This is just one week after the Democrats bragged that they helped contribute to the Revolution that liberated Libya and killed Qaddafi.

Do you think George Bush would be considered a hero if he assisted in the death of a Head of State like Qaddafi? The liberals would be calling for his arrest, but the Marxist Messiah is immune to all.

Once again Fox News brought out their psychiatrist and he painted these radicals as ‘crazy’. They are not crazy; they are just obeying the orders of the Quran to kill infidels. These radicals are no different than the radical leftists that worship Karl Marx and want to start a revolution.

The Religion of PIECES…

7 thoughts on “Muslim Rampage: U.S. Ambassador to Libya Suffocated to Death”

  1. It will be interesting to see if Obama does anything. Obama is a spineless coward, but if he thinks doing something will get him votes I wouldn’t be shocked if he does do something.

    Maybe this is the start of the war that keeps him in power?

  2. The press reports that California based filmmaker, Sam Bacile, has gone into hiding after the riots and killings. Bacile has said that he wanted his film to make a statement. Today he will only make a statement by phone from “an undisclosed location”.

    1. Everything you say is true but you left out a few important points. You failed to explain that Bacile, a California real estate developer, identifies himself as an Israeli Jew. You also failed to say that he believes the movie will help his native land, Israel, by exposing Islam’s many flaws to the world. It may very well help israel but the US appears to be paying the price in both human and political terms. Is that a great deal for the US or what! A big plus for Israel and nothing but negatives for the US.

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