U.S. Eyes ‘Leftist Revolutionary’ Group in Fatal Bombing at Embassy in Turkey

Steve Cooper

The Marxist Revolutionaries and the Muslims are united and acting out now. I believe that MOST of these mass shooters are related to Marxist philosophy on Revolution. Here is another example…

The evidence on the mass shootings in the USA is being suppressed that links these shooters to a radical Leftist Revolutionary belief.


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2 thoughts on “U.S. Eyes ‘Leftist Revolutionary’ Group in Fatal Bombing at Embassy in Turkey”

  1. The Obama people were behind Sandy Hook, Steve! You need to blow the lid off of it.

    They were behind Gabby Giffords, too.

    The NYT had an article ready to go about Gabby Giffords’ shooting THREE weeks before the shooting took place! When they were asked how this could happen, they said Eric Holder briefed them on it!

    This needs to stop because our rights are important.

    1. Katy – I believe that the mass shootings has to do with anti-social brainwashing by liberal parents and teachers rather than any CIA or Govt related Conspiracy. Don’t get caught up on those convincing videos. I almost did too. Some of those people did seem like actors to me too.

      These kids are anti-social, smart and come from wealthy families. They study Socialist Revolutions, Hitler and Che Guevara…they become killers.

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