U.S. Warship Strikes Palestinian/Al Qaeda Leader with Guided Missile in Gaza

By Steve Cooper

The Conservative Monster.com

Okay folks, things are heating up….this is very big news. Just imagine if a major war broke out BEFORE the Republicans could be sworn in? We are living in some interesting and dangerous times….


According to our sources, the Palestinian cell members were planning to infiltrate northern Sinai from the Gaza strip over the coming weekend and strike American personnel serving with the Multinational Force and Observers Organization – MFO, which is under American command and is stationed at North Camp, El Gorah, 37 kilometers southeast of El-Arish.

In a coordinated operation, Al Qaeda fighters hiding up in the mountains of central Sinai were to have attacked US Marines and Air Force troops stationed at the South Camp in Naama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh.

The twin attacks were scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 7, or the following day.

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Israeli Intelligence Chief: Syria’s new Russian missiles could challenge Israeli Air Force

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