UAE court rules that Wife-beating is allowed under Islamic Sharia Law

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The United Arab Emirates Supreme Court has declared that “disciplining” your wife or child is allowed under Islamic Sharia Law as long as no marks are left on the body. This usually means that open hand slaps on the top and the sides of the head are fair game.

Where are the loud mouths Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar now? They are not only traitors to this nation, but they are traitors to women as well.

I witnessed this first hand when I was a police officer. I responded to a call and it was a Muslim woman that claims her husband beat her in the head with a broom stick and then fled the scene. According to Islamic Law a man only has to say “I divorce you” three times to his wife and they are legally divorced according to Islam.

The topper was that this woman’s husband changed his name to Osama after the 9-11 attacks happened. Needless to say, but I added that to the police report as well. I guess that makes me a bigot to the left wing trash on The View? No losers, that makes me a patriot.

UPDATE – The original article was removed from The Guardian, so here is another link

Link to the article that was removed


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