Ukrainian PM: “Russian Military actions in Crimea are a declaration of war”

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Conservative News Update:


War? There goes Putin’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Remember I predicted a ‘staged war’ that would be orchestrated between Putin and Obama? I say it, so when it happens I could say “I told ya”.

A massive global crisis is needed to bring ‘global change’. The anti-war crowd is silent, because they know this is all part of Putin and Obama’s plan. Just imagine if a Republican was in the White House? The Media would be blaming the Republicans.

Putin was waiting for the Olympics to finish to get this call rolling and he probably told Obama this was going to happen. This is why Obama isn’t talking much.

IDEA: All of the brainwashed college liberals should flash ‘Peace signs’ towards the East. Maybe this will disarm the Russian Military?


    1. Lee DeCovnick touched on some pretty good points in his article but didn’t go anywhere near far enough. I like the American Thinker though. Maybe he wrote this before that Russian politician (didn’t get his title) LOL at a question asked of him by a reporter . He said to him (I paraphrase), That question is too stupid to even acknowledge. I wish I could see that clip again. I do believe it could be put to good use !! It was pretty scary. I did myself have occasion to walk the streets of an area very near the Tenderloin when I was going to Medical Assisting school a long long long time ago. Those streets were bad all over back then. My crime deterant option was to RUN LIKE HELL from my school on Market St. to the paid parking lot about a mile away. Especially wearing a nurse uniform (they were the REAL thing back then btw, white dresses and the hat!) I figured most thugs would definitely not want to get involved with a running nurse! heh heh. (I had to use the far away lot because it was cheapest!) lol

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