UPDATE 1-Netanyahu urges international red lines to stop Iran

Steve Cooper


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4 thoughts on “UPDATE 1-Netanyahu urges international red lines to stop Iran”

  1. Benjamin Netanyahu is embroiled in a hot domestic dispute over whether Israel should go it alone with an attack on Iran or not. Not everyone in Israel supports him. What he wants, as expressed in his recent comments, is to get help to destroy nuclear sites in Iran to the advantage of Israel. He is attempting to sell the United States and Europe the idea that they should attack Iran.

    I for one am NOT buying this line just like lots of folks in Israel are not buying it. If Benjamin wants to fight so bad then he can do it without my blood and without my money (US tax dollars). Or as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s said in The Terminator :

    “Hasta la vista, baby.”

    1. Iran has been killing US troops and civilians for 30 years. Reagan should have nuked this bastards. You libertarian Nazi’s just hate Israel and love anyone that is attacking capitalism.

  2. I filled the tank for the weekend. Never seen gas so high this time of year. If Israel gets the war it wants the price of gas will explode like a atom bomb. The speculators are making more today than they should just on their fear of war. Iam paying too much for gas now.

    1. Unrest in the Middle East helps raise the prices of oil. Who is fueling that unrest? The Russians are by selling their weapons to terrorists and building nuke plants for Iran (a terror state). Russia is the #1 oil exporter in the world. Putin wants high oil prices.

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