UPDATE – Bob Beckel F Word Meltdown on Hannity

Bob Beckel “F” Word Meltdown on Hannity

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

UPDATE – I just watched the video again and I think that Beckel has his own war on woman going on here. How dare he scream into a Conservative woman’s face like this. These people are evil and he should be fired. This man is UNSTABLE

Here is the VULGAR VIDEO


I was lucky enough to catch angry Leftist Bob Beckel drop the F bomb on Hannity last night. This is how leftists talk when the camera is OFF, but Beckel didn’t know that the commercial break was over and he was caught running his FAT MARXIST MOUTH. Of course, he blamed Hannity, but I was shocked that he didn’t blame BUSH.

Just imagine if Hannity said the F word? The Communist vermin would be calling for Hannity to be fired. 



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