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The Southern Poverty Law Center and a political action group linked to Hillary Clinton are watching my every move.

So, I’m supposed to take these people on with out any advertiser’s or financial backers?

The Conservative Monster domain name has been valued at $41,000. Stop being a coward and advertise your business on this site. The real truth is contained on these pages….


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  1. This is interesting:

    Yesterday, The Conservative Monster domain name was appraised for $41,000. The value went up $20,000 in one week. Today, I wanted to see the what the value of one of my competitors site would be since his site is ranked higher than mine according to the search engines.

    The Conservative Monster was worth 5 times more in value than that other website. Why is this? My analysis is seen as more INFLUENTIAL.

    1. OMG. It’s worth at least that and anyone who has that kind of money is a stupid fool to pass up such a BARGAIN. The name recognition alone would bring them a gigantic audience! I hope so much that you get it and we’ll have a new place šŸ™‚ for truth. Gosh. I’m going to watch the sewer pipe of Hollywood parading up and down the red carpet and weeping as they fall up the steps to collect their little awards!
      You can bet ‘SON of GOD’ won’t be recognized at next year’s Oscar Farce!!

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