UPDATE – Putin to Meet Ahmadinejad and Karzai in China

Putin to Meet Ahmadinejad in China

Steve Cooper

UPDATE – Putin is meeting with President Ahmadinejad of Iran and President Karzai from  Afghanistan this week in China. Don’t you love how the American media is NOT reporting this? I smell a RAT……….


The Axis of Evil – Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, North Korea and Venezuela. There are others as well, but these are the top on my list.

Do you really believe that the USA is fighting a bare foot Muslim in a cave? Don’t you find it interesting that the Obama Administration has insisted that “the war on terror is over”? Biden stated that the Taliban is our ‘friend’? Iran was called a ‘rational actor’? Rational actor?

Generals have testified in front of Congress stating the fact that Iran was behind all of the terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the media swept it all under the rug. They want the American people to believe that Al Qaeda is just a terrorist group that belonged to no country and that is a lie. 

I have heard the media report many times that Russia is “an American ally in the war against terror”. Really? Is this why they built nuke plants for Iran? Is this way they sent weapons to Syria? Is this why terrorists around the world are armed with Russian weapons?

Sure, Russia allows the U.S. to deliver supplies to Afghanistan, but that is because they want the USA to continue to bleed money and precious blood. Russia opened up their air space for U.S. Troops in July 2009 just 7 months after Obama was inaugurated. The Russians blocked U.S. Troops from using their air space during the Bush years, because GW was seen as an enemy. Obama has a more ‘friendly’ relationship with the Russians. Maybe it is because the DNC is more compliant with orders coming from Moscow than the Republicans are?   

Putin and Ahmadinejad seem to avoid each other, because they don’t want attention brought to their terror alliance. I have no idea what they are so worried about, because the media covers it up.

This site is the only one exposing what they are all about.


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